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Aircraft Technical Assistance

PT. GDPS provide solutions to every airline and aircraft maintenance company,and provide resources that provide services professionally as an Aircraft Technical Assistance


Aircraft Ground Handling

PT. GDPS is present in providing services to support airline business processes and services for each passenger. Airplane ground handling is a service activity for passengers along with their luggage, cargo, post, and auxiliary equipment for aircraft movement on the ground and the aircraft itself while in the airport, both for departure (departure) and for arrival (arrival).


Aircraft Painter

An aircraft can we see its beauty starting from the model, cleanliness, to the colors / pictures on an airplane. Of course, every color / image on an airplane requires a reliable Painter to create colors / images according to a predetermined design. One of the tasks of an Airplane Painter starts from preparing the assigned elements (pictures), preparation of tools starting from the sanding process to the paint, mixing colors to the desired color change process, and can use equipment (ranging from spray equipment, metal plaster, to steel drywall) well. Every work process requires a trusted and reliable painter to be able to achieve the target as much as possible to minimize errors.

PT. GDPS is present in offering experienced Airplane Painter where all tasks will be done professionally and reliably, moreover every task done will minimize errors due to Human Error.



Administration is a planning, control and organization of work in an office and becomes a driving force for those who run it so that the goals set can be achieved.

PT. GDPS provides services for administrative work where this task will be supported by personnel who have the skills and ability to organize, validate documents and must always maintain the confidentiality of information. This service is provided to support business processes and for the success of the company's customers in conducting business. The assigned personnel are able to carry out the work carefully and consistently.


Data Entry

Data entry in a company or organization is very important because every agency has data that needs to be arranged in such a way as to be systematic. Having the responsibility to transfer data from what is written on the form to digital form is the main task of a data entry. It can be recognized that the data input process can be time consuming and has high costs for maintenance if it is not processed correctly.

PT. GDPS provides the support needed to manage data entry needs, by applying the best methods and technologies to provide superior quality work and services.


Front Office

The first impression of each visitor will be determined by the Front Office Officer who will serve each question and provide a response to the customer then, the response tasks received will be forwarded to parties related to the company. Communication skills, speed in responding and friendliness are mandatory skills possessed by every officer.

PT. GPDS is present in providing professional services with good quality, of course driven by experienced human resources and technology to support the process of exchanging information between Front Office staff and guests quickly and accurately.


Aviation Security

Aviation Security is security personnel who are given the main task of ensuring the safety and safety of civil aviation in Indonesia from unlawful actions and also providing security protection for aircrafts, aircrafts, passengers, airport installations, ground officers, the public and service users other flights of actions against the law.

PT. GDPS is present in meeting international and national regulations as a manager and provider of airport security services, to help carry out flight security and safety and smooth service.


Office & Building Management

PT. GDPS provides services to support the competence of a company where starting from cleanliness, comfort, and safety are things that must be owned by a company to maintain maximum quality work, the services provided include:
⊙ Maintenance Helper
⊙ Houskeeping
⊙ Office Boy | Office Girl
⊙ Messenger
⊙ Cleaning Service


Security Guard

In an environment needed a feeling of security and comfort where there is a state free from danger. The word danger which in this context refers to acts of crime, accidents and other acts that are intentional or not.

PT. GDPS works with you to jointly create and build measurable security measures. We are committed to safeguarding our future from various security threats that occur now and later.


IT Support

Every company for process automation needs support personnel who are experts in the field of information technology. We have experienced experts and experts in their fields. Some areas in IT support are IT helpdesk, Data Entry, Programmer and others.



To support the provision of international-level airline catering and industrial catering. We provide experts in the catering sector ranging from waiters to cookers.



To support your business in the health sector. We are present with professionals from nurses, pharmacists and doctors. Internalizing the attitude of our staff by upholding company values ​​is our parameter for our success in supporting customer business.


Aircraft Cleaning

Throughout the establishment of PT. GDPS has set and is always adjusting new standards for cleaning services, especially in the area of ​​aircraft cleaning. Our skilled and professional staff who uphold the company's values ​​are an important part of our business success.